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almost a decade of alleged child sex abuse. >> it takes courage to come forward and present it to law enforcement. our detectives acted quickly. rex anne arundel police in amending the bravery of two adult males who came forward having withstood almost a decade of child abuse, at the hands of this man, john charles villers farrow. it lasted from 2000 till 2008. the victims were about eight years old when it began and lasted until their early teens. the victims would spend time and sleepover at his house with permission from their parents. it seemed according to court documents he was taking on some sort of custodial role. charging documents reveal one of the victims told police the
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abuse had happened hundreds of times, so many that he lost count. >> it was determined the was were numerous incidents involving these individuals who were minors at the suspect's place of residence occurring intermittently over eight or nine years. farrow turnedrs himself in to police. thursday morning when we arrived at his home, a woman ran inside and told us to leave. one neighbor who did not want to go on camera said he was not surprised by the allegations. neighbors and several sources have confirmed that he was the brother of the famous hollywood actress mia farrow. her publicity people declined comment. he was originally being held on 800 dozen dollars bond. at a bail hearing that was reduced to $250,000.
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police believe there may be more victims in this case. they're asking anyone with information to call the child abuse unit. we're live in anne arundel county. >> middle schoolers are being treated following a school bus accident. you are looking at the scene. authorities can confirm the crash happened around 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. 30 kids were on board. students from southampton middle school, five were taken to the hospital with injuries, the driver refused to read. the baltimore man has been sentenced to life in prison with all but 50 years suspended for the murder of his 1-year-old son. he admitted to stabbing his son
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to death in a home along the 2700 block of -- avenue. the body was discovered wrapped in a deflated mattress. >> testimony is underway in the trial of a former bowie state university student. alexis simpson took the stand in an emotional claim of self- defense. she said she had been bullied by frazier and knew her roommate had a knife and she fought with frazier over loud music. she testified one of her friends grabbed her and dragged her into a room where the to continue to fight. that stunned the city. it happened in may 2004 at the apartment in northwest baltimore. they had been tried twice for
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first-degree murder. the first time it ended in a hung jury and the conviction was overturned and prosecutors offered a plea deal. >> the plea deal boiled down to this, take a chance on a trial and die in prison if convicted. if released, be deported. i strongn , clear voices they both said no deal. in exchange for guilty plea in connection of the murder of their young relatives, prosecutors offered them 40 years in jail with the possibility of parole. >> he maintains he is innocent and wants to see us do another trial. this case is not a slam-dunk for the state. there is one additional factor, they did not do it. >> that brutal nature of that
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crime left other stunned and horrified. the motive remains a mystery. the children died may 27, 2004 after returning from cross- country elementary school to their apartment. all three were beaten and had their throats cut so deeply they were nearly decapitated. the defendants became suspects and came to the crime scene to comfort relatives. the pair provided inconsistent statements about their whereabouts at the time. in a trial ended in hung a jury. there were convicted in a second one but the high court overturned it. ruling that the defense failed to notify about the content of notes. oryx the case is headed for a third trial. many of the relatives are -- voluntarily leave the country. the defense has filed several
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motions to keep the proceedings fair. >> the state wants to use some of the prior testimony, witnesses who are now unavailable. >> prosecutors are not concerned about obtaining a conviction. the high court overruled one because of a judge's error. we will have more of 6 pm >> we're working to learn more about a woman whose body was pulled from the inner harbor this morning. city fire officials say they were called to the 2300 block of austin street. that is where someone discovered a person floating in the water. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene trade investigators cannot confirm how she wound up in the water or how she died. we're learning more about the fire that tore through a home in
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reisterstown yesterday, killing a woman inside. she was killed when the flames broke out in the home. that was after 1:00 a.m. yesterday morning. she was the only person home at the time. house was destroyed. no word on what caused the deadly blaze. >> fire officials in anne arundel county estimate there is damage to ah of colle home. you saw yesterday at 5:00 p.m. police recalled to the scene along beachwood park home. the fire was caused by an electrical problem. two adults and a child or home but they made out safely. another water main break to report in howard county. crews and colombia were working to repair the 12-inch main ally the 6500 block of freetown.l
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the problems are still caused -- caused appleton high school to shut down. no word on what caused the break. >> two weeks after the hurricane, thousands of new yorkers are still without power. president obama visited the city -- parts of the city hardest hit by the storm. we have the latest on the recovery efforts. >> president obama is promising to stick with the devastating -- but devastated communities. the visit will not be his last. first on the sky and then on the ground. he saw firsthand the new york community still in ruins. >> we're going to make sure that we stay here as long as people need help. that is the primary task. >> the president offered new hope to people like diana rivera
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now homeless. >> absolute heart rate. we were happy here and it is done. >> the new york attorney general had opened an investigation into utility companies as 3000 people have no power more than two weeks after the storm. dozens of emergency volunteers are trying to help people like barbara who have handed out millions of meals and warm clothing. the president thanked them for their efforts. >> young people who were involved like this -[inaudible] >> anthony russo welcomed his students for the first time since the storm. >> it feels wonderful to be open. >> of luxury considering dozens of schools are still closed and still littered with debris. >> we are resilient and tough and we will overcome and we will be the better for it. >> the community is tired but
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not giving up. there is a new side effects, requests for unemployment benefits are at this -- their highest level in 18 months. >> you probably heard a lot of people and you see it all the time and people use it to get through the day. could kill you? >> the possible dangers of the drink. >> libya remains controversial and personal. un ambassador susan rice got a bit of a lifeline from the cia. >> clouds and showers
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>> the skilling crisis on the gaza strip is raising international concern. israel's assault on hamas continues. an emergency meeting was held to discuss confconcerns.
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israel has not ruled out a possible ground campaign. ambassador susan rice apparently got a big boost from the cia. to is on the short leaist succeed the hillary clinton. >> republicans are opposed to susan rice for allegedly spreading "untruths" about benghazi. >> a democrat reports that embassador susan rice got a lifeline from the cia. this issue remains highly partisan, even personal. libya has become a battle between president obama and republican senator john mccain who insisted the administration knew quickly that al qaeda had attacked. >> for the president for two weeks afterwards to deny that that was the case is either
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cover-up for it is in confidence. >> un embassador susan rice denied it, infuriated republicans. lawmakers were briefed on libya. the democrat said theat u.s. intelligence did give her the incorrect intelligence. >> this is something involved -- involving into something militant. >> there had been earlier attacks. the warning from chris stevens the day he died. house republicans hammered the administration reaction. >> the people who stayed here in washington continued to deny additional security and they continue to do away with security that was already there. >> democrats pushed back. >> to lay this at the doorstep of the president or secretary of state or the u.n. ambassador,
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you will find us ready and willing to resist to the teeth. >> a fight over tragedy that could be calmed by david benghazi to hawent to investigate and will testify tomorrow. he might have [inaudible] erase when he admitted adultery. both sides are likely to except what he reports on libya. >> the fda has uncovered a possible danger related to a very popular five-hour energy shot. you see it on counters almost everywhere. agencies says the drink has been linked to 92 life-threatening incidents and five deaths. including heart attacks, convulsions, and one miscarriage. the new report comes after the
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fda said monster energy drinks were linked to five deaths. lawmakers were examining how the outbreak of meningitis happened that killed 32 people nationwide including one person in maryland. health experts testified about the importance of safety when it comes to medication use. tell pharmacists said more oversight is not needed. researchers have discovered a gene that affects the immune system's ability to protect against alzheimer's disease. experts have focused on a plaque buildup inside the brain which is a hallmark of the disease but two separate groups stumbled upon a mutated gene that brings the immune system in. it appears to interfere with the ability to prevent plaque forming from inside the brain.
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>> we see some rain not too far from here. the eastern part of north carolina. the general motion of that shower activity is in our direction to the potential is that some of this could move toward the lower part of the bay or clip the eastern shore on its northeastern track. it will mostly miss the baltimore area that for the area south of the bay bridge and the lower part of the bay, dorchester county toward ocean city, i would keep an eye on that. maybe some light showers or sprinkles. it is dry and cool. the high was below normal. we're halfway through the month of november. average temperatures about 45 degrees below normal. 47 degrees. the average is 57. the record was almost 80. the morning low was below freezing. will get that cold again
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tonight. temperatures are in the 30's now. mid- and upper 40's on the shore. maybe a sprinkle coming up in this area. temperatures will not be quite as cold but around baltimore, 31 in the northwest suburbs, 40 inner harbor. skies are mostly cloudy and went out of the north at 5 miles an hour. it is an area of low pressure that winter here a couple of days ago. the storm has formed and it will drift to the southeast of patterson state. high pressure established its self for the rest of friday afternoon. there is a sprinkle around the lower part of the bay. that is around it and that storm gets out of here. with high pressure moving in we expect sunny to partly cloudy skies for most of the upcoming
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weekend. another storm that tries to form to the south but it does not look like it will have much of a chance of getting this far north with strong high-pressure. the forecast is improving. 51 to 56 for friday. when at five to 10 miles per hour. not much of a breeze and not much of a wave on the open waters of the bay. waves are less than 1 foot. in the mountains, it will be cold and dry. sunny skies friday and saturday and highs in the low- to the mid-40's. the sun breaks out in the afternoon. mostly sunny and saturday. temperatures below normal. the chance for sprinkle or light shower, a 20% chance early tomorrow and it will clear for the rest of the weekend and it should be cool and dry. if you are going to the pennsylvania turnpike toward pittsburgh for the game, it looks pretty good for western pennsylvania. mostly clear. kickoff temperatures in the low
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40's. cold november weather for the weekend. lows in the 30's and that is the theme that last into next week. temperatures below normal bud dry and quiet weather. >> thank you. we are any of our first look at how the grand prix compared to last year when it comes to the local economy. >> and report reveals how much money they pulled in and what it meant for area businesses. >> they are starting up at the middle school.
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>> a select group of education students can major in middle school. >> they can graduate with a specific degree in middle school education. it is a one-of-a-kind program in maryland. tim tutan has more. we all have middle school roads
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and we can agree that is a tough bunch. >> at kassam university they have found a unique way to match middle school teachers with middle school students. these educators are getting some special training for their teaching assignments. >> but over how we will do this. >> this is an eighth grade math class. the teacher is about to receive her degree. >> there is no textbook that can describe the middle school group because it is such a kaleidoscope. we learn how to interact with different personalities and problems will seek in the classroom. >> they are learning from -- under the watchful eye of a middle school teacher. >> the biggest thing is enthusiasm. they have to like what they are doing and like the children and make good choices and help the kids make better choices. >> kassam university said the
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program is designed to give students a taste of the real world. >> one of the most important thing that we do is we bring towson university to the middle school site. we have teachers come and teach in classroom just like this so that our students are concentrated on time. >> ias a history major before becoming a history teacher but i knew there was not going to be a lot of jobs for me so i was looking for ways to make my degree look better. >> the program helps him plan for the future. >> we try to hire people who ahave a heart for this age. we have a staff who really want to work with middle school. >> the first graduating class of 10 students from this program will get their diplomas in the spring. >> decades of smoking and for your heart attacks. >> not enough to encourage a maryland man to quit the habit.
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a new nationwide effort can help your smoker kick the habit. >> a potentially life-saving drug. drug. why [ knocking ] oh, no, i got to go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for everything from strep throat to sinus infections with no appointment necessary, so you can feel better in no time. you guys want to go to the park? yeah! yeah! minuteclinic, the medical clinic in cvs/pharmacy. accepts united healthcare benefit plans. find a clinic near you at
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>> live, local, late breaking. you're watching wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. with stan stovall and donna hamilton and your forecast with tom tasselmyer.
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team 11 covering breaking is where you live. wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. continues now. >> new tonight at 5:30 p.m., the i-team takes to task the lack of availability of a life-saving drug for overdose victims. drug overdose is the second leading cause of accidental death in the united states. >> there is an inexpensive and to doubt on the market so why can not everyone who needs it get it? >> dan was a die-hard ravens fan. trying to cover sides with purple pride. privately, he was a heroin addict. he struggled four times in rehab to get clean and tell the overdressed in his parents' home. >> at one point when we turned him, he seemed to be gurgling and i remember thinking -- they
5:30 pm
could not save him. >> the leaking more devastating was discovering there is an overdose blocking drug that is saving lives. >> as a parent loses a child, you want to know that you did everything that we could to be able to save them. so i was sad to know i could have if i had had it, would that have made a difference? i will never know. >> only dan have obtained a prescription antidote. an antidote so powerful they are giving it away in baltimore city. it is naloxone, narcan. it restores breathing. >> would you administer it -- >> those in treatment can get it
5:31 pm
to potentially save their addicted france. >> -- friends. >> the wrong kind of help. >> we give them clean needles and narcan. is it heroin next? why stop? >> we are giving people the tools they need to help them survive and that is why we do we do. >> it is called the staying alive program. drug overdose prevention funded through baltimore's nila exchange. the only program of its kind in maryland. after instructions that include rescue breathing, a doctor writes a prescription for in our cnarcan.
5:32 pm
>> it helps with cocaine and addictive painkillers. 9300 people have been trained. while it is hard to nail down numbers because people do not offer report back, officials confirmed 220 overdose reversals. >> it does save lives. >> the different tradition -- distribution of narcan is credited with lowering the overdose rate. emergency responders carry narcan but in dan's case it was too late. >> for anyone that has a person in addiction living with them, they should have access to this. >> some worry that if you take away the fear of od'ing, you take away the motivation to get
5:33 pm
clean. >> your friend is still alive. it has been over five years. >> he is still a drug user. >> i am afraid so. yes he is. >> it might have made a difference but she is left with the empty feeling she will never know that for sure. >> debra tells us she serves on a task force on the overdose prevention plan. >> anne arundel county police have arrested a 66-year-old man for sexually abusing several children over a number of years. the brother of mia farrow faces several charges including abuse
5:34 pm
of a minor and assault. two male victims who are now adults came forward with stories of the alleged abuse since there were eight years old. farrow is in jail with his bail set at $260,000. police confirmed that a body part did -- that was discovered did belong to a human. that was around 11:00 a.m. and within the last 90 minutes, investigators said detectives have determined the hand was that of a human. the investigation continues. we're getting a better look tonight at the economic impact of the second grand prix in baltimore. it held in $5 million. 131,000 people attended compared
5:35 pm
to 160,000 last time. as for spending, the crowd paid $25 million to the city, down from $27 million a year ago. >> president obama's choice of top commander today. he envisions a a presence -- a presence in that country after troops leave in 2014. >> will have more on the man behind the nomination when we come back. >> disturbing allegations against an ohio basketball coach who has been working with high- school boys for in 30 years. >> today is your chance to try to quit smoking.
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>> the senate armed services committee is grilling the nominee for the next u.s. commander in afghanistan. joseph dunford will replace general john allen. when asked for his plans about
5:39 pm
the drawdown, he said he will not specify how many troops will need to stay past the deadline but what does and would not be enough. their main missions, post withdrawal would be assisting security forces. >> and ohio coach remains in jail for bringing video recording devices and to avoid's blogger room. scott sutter appeared in court and faces six felony charges for the illegal use of the equipment. he coached basketball for 27 years put -- and put cameras in the locker room shower area in multiple occasions getting back to 2005. while officials were serving a warrant, they discovered media containing footage from the shower area. >> we have some full information
5:40 pm
about your holiday shopping. >> the best place to buy the hottest items just ahead. >> a settlement reached over the oil spill in the gulf is confirmed as the largest monetary penalty in fines. how much they're paying for the incident. >> showers and hd doppler coming up in parts of
5:41 pm
>> an opportunity to get answers to questions concerning what led to the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya and whether or not it could have been prevented. we will have the latest.
5:42 pm
a man is arrested and charged with child sex abuse. it was not a one time occurrence. will have details on the suspect and the knodell victims who have come forward.
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> it is a settlement totaling $4.50 billion. british petroleum agreed to plead guilty to neglect charges. the settlement was announced by attorney general eric holder. we have more on bp's day of reckoning. >> the oil spread for miles after the collapse of the the oil rig. horizon more than two years after the
5:44 pm
disaster, we learned the punishment is far reaching as well. >> this is the largest single criminal find. -- fine. the largest criminal resolution in the history of the united states. >> as part of that agreement, bp will plead guilty to 14 charges for its role in the worst oil spill in u.s. history. among the most serious, 11 counts of misconduct or neglect that led to the death of crew members the night of the fiery blast and will collapse that triggered the spill. >> make no mistake. while the countrcompany is guilo individuals committed these crimes. >> additional charges including obstruction of justice about lying about the amount of oil that poured out, affecting those
5:45 pm
who made their living in the water. in a written statement, bp said, we apologize for our role in the accident and we have accepted responsibility for our actions. actions that still have a ripple effect in the water, and in the lives of so many a long the gulf coast. >> now, your 11 insta- weatherplus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> an area of low pressure off the carolina coast helping to keep the temperature down. all way up the coast into new york because of an area of pressure that is pushing ranger rolli and parts of southern virginia.
5:46 pm
eastern north carolina dealing with some weather. the bulk of the rain will mrs. to the south and east but we have the clout to around and that will impact the forecaster overnight as well. without much sunshine we hit 47 degrees, 10 below the average. the morning started cold at 31. the south and east where the clouds hang on longer, areas will not cool off quite as rapidly. the bethesda at their station at 37. about freezing in the northwest suburbs and closer to 40 at the inner harbor. the wind will be light. once the system gets past the outer banks, the clouds will lead us tomorrow afternoon. high pressure behind it will strengthen and it looks like this area will protect us from
5:47 pm
another storm that will form over the weekend. we have been tracking that and it might be some showers sunday and monday but it looks like we will not have that much of a chance to get in here. some showers in virginia and that moves out tomorrow afternoon. as high pressure moves in, that storm that tries to form will not have a chance to get up here so we will see sunny to partly cloudy skies continuing through the upcoming weekend. the current pattern that we're watching unfold. temperatures stay below normal tomorrow. sunrise on friday at 6:51 a.m. and a wind at five to 10 miles per hour. not much of a breeze on the day tomorrow. a five-knot breeze coming out of the north. temperatures are climbing in western maryland, getting us into the mid-40's. closer to 50 and sunday. eastern shore, more clouds and that keeps the temperature in check. 55 on saturday. lower eastern shore, a shower
5:48 pm
around sunrise or before should sunrise. it should stay partly cloudy at ocean city. 57 or so the average for the day. temperatures stay below that through the early part of next week. we will see some son on saturday sunday.ds on highs in the 50's and lows in the 30's. >> we begin with a look at wall street following the sharp dive by the dow. stock indexes are edging lower as retailers issue weak forecast earnings. they have been falling steadily since voters returned president obama and the divided congress to office. the dow lost 28 points finishing at 12,500 and the s&p saddle two points to finish at 1300 and the
5:49 pm
nasdaq was down 10 to close at 2800. new evidence tonight that the u.s. postal service is struggling to stay afloat. officials are reporting a record annual loss of $16 billion. the numbers cap a tumultuous year where the post office was forced to default on payments to avert bankruptcy. officials blame the loss on declining mail volume. they want to enact the legislation that will also close post offices and mail processing plants. hostess renne workers went on strike against any% pay cut and the closing of bakeries in seattle, st. louis, and cincinnati. they tried to reorganize under
5:50 pm
chapter 11 bankruptcy. the carrier suffered a major computer outage today affecting half of the flights in the company's network. the glitch grounded flights and delayed passengers around the globe. united officials say the problem was corrected and normal operation restore resumed in a couple of hours. this was the third major computer outage the united suffered since june of this year. the toy pricing wars tonight. according to a bloomberg comparison ofa toys, amazon had lower prices than wal-mart while wal-mart had better prices on 13%. >> the american cancer society hopes that the great american smokeout will get more people thinking about their health and stepping away from the tobacco products.
5:51 pm
jennifer franciotti has the story. >> most of the smokers we talked to did not know it was the great american smokeout. no. i did not. money is the main reason i want to quit smoking in the first place. i care about my health but is so addictive, it makes me feel better so when i try to quit i feel crazy. >> he has tried to quit and nothing has worked. not even a big time health scare. >> i had four heart attacks in one day. the day i went -- got out of the hospital i bought a pack of cigarettes. >> the purpose is to rally individuals around a one-day stoppage to develop a plan with the goal of cutting and there have been great success with a program called " for life. >> it is the tobacco program that we do in partnership with -- it is a web based plan and
5:52 pm
do have a personal coach. >> i have been thinking about how long i plan on smoking and stuff like that. i want to quit because i see the effect now. >> this year alone, 4000 new cases of lung cancer have been diagnosed in over half that number have died. >> tobacco causes one in three cancer deaths and we need to make sure that is something we can control and try to do that. >> walter has advice for others. >> do not ever start this. once you start, you're in trouble. >> the american cancer society has a number of tips to quit smoking. you'll find a link on our website, >> a big way to go. state education officials are pointing to an impressive record when it comes to closing the achievement gap. state and county school
5:53 pm
officials recognized this as a superlative school. staff and students have less than 10% cap in the achievement level. they have to have a population comprised of 50% of students from economically disadvantaged families. lawmakers on capitol hill are investigating the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. could it have been prevented? the first set of hearings gets underway on september 11. we will have a full report. >> finding a parking spot just got a lot easier. that story next.
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5:56 pm
>> if you visit historic ellicott city on a regular basis you know it is difficult to find a parking space. a brand-new 10 technology makes it easier to find that spot. all you need is a smartphone. >> we have all been through it. finding a parking spot can be a real hassle. that is not going to be the case anymore in ellicott city. it starts with sensors like this one. in parking spaces. they send out a signal telling a computer whether the parking space is occupied or not. for those motorists who are driving around looking for parking spaces, they no longer
5:57 pm
have to drive around and around looking for this bases. this application pinpoints those spots and guides them to that location. >> we want to make it as easy as possible for people in real time to find parking. >> a press conference was held in introducing the new parking technology that works with a smartphone to help you locate parking space. >> turning the app on, it show s and can see here in the slot we have four or more spaces that are available and is free parking. this location up here, it show s it has two. >> hopefully more customers will be coming here and when they get here, finding a parking space will be a hassle-free. >> this extends our customer service and our ability to
5:58 pm
please guests and offer a service. it is unbelievable. >> on top of all this with holiday season around the corner, the county executive announced the county will be waiving all parking meter fees in ellicott city until the first of the year. starting on november 22 through january 1, there will be no fees to park in the historic district. we want folks to come down and enjoy. >> very cool. here's a look at what is coming up new at 6:00 p.m. >> i am nikole killion. lawmakers demand more an answers on the attack in libya. >> the brother of a famous hollywood actress is arrested here in anne arundel county on child sex abuse charges. i will have will live report. there are accused of a horrific
5:59 pm
triple murder that happened eight years ago. prosecutors offered the suspects a deal. details are next. watching wbal tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> our big story tonight, the blame game over benghazi is heating up on capitol hill. lawmakers pointed fingers at a hearing on the attack that killed chris stevens and others in september. >> it was one of three briefings on the issue. killion - nokikole explains. >> some lawmakers felt she should have been here for a hearing that got quite heated. >> we must learn the lesson and fix the problems. >> it is time to fess up. >> it is time to fess up. >>

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